Christian Financial Credit Union

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I make a credit card or mortgage payment online, how long will it take to post to my account?

A: Payments made before 5pm will post to your account the following business day. Posts after 5pm will be reflected on your account 2 business days later. 

Q: How do I rename accounts in online banking?

A: Once logged in, click the "Account Services" tab.  On the left navigation menu, you'll see an option for "Account Management".  Select that and click the hyperlink for the account you'd like to rename under the "My Account Nickname" column.  A pop-up will appear, which allows you to change your account nickname.

Q. Can I transfer money into my CFCU account from another financial institution, or send it from CFCU out?

A. Yes!  If you have a signon ID for our retail online banking (not applicable to business users), you will find this option located under the "Transfer Funds" tab.  The menu option in the left navigation is labeled "Transfer to an account outside this financial institution".  Please refer to our most recent fee schedule, located at

Q. How do I set up text alerts for my accounts?

A. If you have never used mobile banking before, log into online banking and visit the "Account Services" tab.  Once there, select "Requests" from the left navigation and choose the link for "Mobile Banking Enrollment" (only available for retail users).  A new window will open with the option of adding your device.  Add your mobile number and in the service selection, check the boxes for both Text Banking and Alert Banking and hit "Continue".  After doing so, you should receive a text with basic information on using text banking.  You can close this window and return to online banking to complete setup.  Once back on the "Account Services" tab, select "Alerts" from the left navigation.  You should now see an option to receive alerts via Text/SMS.

If you are an existing mobile banking user, you will first need to delete your app and complete the steps mentioned.  After completion, you can re-download our app from the Google Play or iTunes App Store.

Have a question that's not listed here? Contact us at 586-772-6330 or for help or more information.